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When you need an enterprise resource planning system for your business, or the one you have is just not adequate anymore, iPlan is the solution you need. iPlan has been helping businesses design the best processes to reach their goals and implement the most effective ERP system since the Eighties. We are not a run-of-the-mill operating system sales team; we are solution architects that work with you to get the best out of your business process for easy accounting, effortless production planning, brilliant CRM, and more. Our aim is always to partner with our clients, fully understand their operating system and ERP needs, and then support them in designing, building, and implementing the best solutions, processes, and technology that work in their environment and with their people. iPlan works with various and diverse ERP systems and we know the software system inside-out. It means you will definitely receive an ERP system that truly addresses your needs for today and the future. 

In partnership with iPlan, you can say goodbye to manual reporting with incorrect data, siloed business departments, a lack of transparency, making business decisions on gut feelings rather than accurate and up to date data. We can help you remodel your business to stop wasting time and money.

The iPlan methodology to get you the best software system

The iPlan methodology is a unique and unified approach. We focus on balancing Business processes, Business systems, and People in your organisation.

We believe in fully understanding your current business processes first. We map it all out with your team, find the gaps and design an updated process with you and your team. We design the updated business process with and for your people.

We will then advise the organisation on the software system that will best suit your needs. Our expert team will also apply customisations to the system for the organisation, so it is optimised for you.

iPlan works on-site with your team to train them and help them understand the benefits and value of the new system. When all is said and done, you will have a fully trained and motivated team to operate your new ERP system with your business processes.

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Our ERP Options

Acumatica is a cloud ERP system that can be implemented across many different industries. It is a true cloud system and is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere so you have access to your information wherever you are. iPlan is a Gold certified partner. We provide you with the full Acumatica Cloud ERP system as well as a knowledgeable support team.

SYSPRO specialises in ERP systems for manufacturing and distribution that keeps innovating to align with industry trends and leverages emerging technology. iPlan is an Elite SYSPRO partner with one of the largest dedicated SYSPRO teams in the world and decades of experience.

iPlan ERP Food and Beverage is a dedicated Fresh Produce ERP system that follows the full journey of fresh produce, from farming to finance and packhouse to purchasing. iPlan runs one of the largest Food and Beverage ERP enterprise team of consultants, and we also run the global Food and Beverage ERP Centre of Excellence.

Dynamic 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management ERP for any small- to medium-sized enterprise. It is scalable as a cloud solution and connects your sales, services, finance, and operations teams.

Why choose iPlan?

iPlan has no shareholders, no debt, and no corporate bias.

That means that we can truly look after your best interest when we help to design the best processes for your organisation and implement the ERP system that suits your needs.


We are a family of engineers, accountants, and technology professionals that own and manage our business for the long-term benefit of current and future members.


Relationships with clients are cooperative, and we add value by working for the joy and adventure of being a trusted member of your team.

We make it easier to run your business better

Business units aren’t communicating with each other

When business units aren’t communicating it can lead to problems like the following:

  • The CRM system used by your sales and customer support team is not linked with the accounting system/department. The sales team sells more products even though the account has been put on hold due to late or non-payment, but the sales team does not know this and cannot understand why the account is frozen. It takes too long to communicate between the different departments and by the time a resolution has been reached, you have lost the sale and gained an angry customer.

iPlan helps to create business processes and implement ERP software that eliminates these and similar problems. Business departments aren’t siloed anymore and the information is transparent and easily accessible across departments so questions can be answered and important updates shared immediately.

We’ve had a system for years and we know it

Often a single-site business that grew organically has a business system that is a mismatch of spreadsheets located on the manager’s personal computers with a standalone financial system, a stock system not talking to anything else, a shared drive on a computer in sales holding quotes, sales orders and rescheduling promises. When the business was smaller, this worked well enough, but with a larger business and more staff, the business becomes siloed and sticking to the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ mentality hurts more than it helps.   

iPlan works with your business and with your people to ensure we understand the business and exactly what it needs. The processes we plan, build, and implement is done with your people to ensure it truly meets their needs and gets the most out of your employees’ expertise and time.

Static data

Does this sound familiar: you have stock of what you do not sell but no stock of what you are selling? When business systems aren’t linked and not live, this is something that can happen. The stock on hand in the static system doesn’t correlate to the actual stock in the warehouse, errors occur, and customer relations becomes threatened when you notice it all too late. What’s more, the finance department cannot make timeous decisions to save on unnecessary expenses or proactively advise on where you can generate more income simply because all the data is static.

iPlan ensures that data is live, and the most pertinent data is shared instantly among departments to be used when decisions need to be made.  We ensure that you have the best ERP system to meet these requirements in your business.

We can’t afford a new system now

In the boom years of Business Systems, only large organisations could afford the so-called “wall-to-wall” systems with a full range of functionality. Medium-sized companies had to buy less expensive solutions by looking for something specific to their industry and having to accept much less breadth and depth of functionality.  These Business Systems were simply not sufficient.


Cloud systems delivered as Software-as-a-Service changed all that.  Cloud services are competitors to the all-embracing big systems of the past, with all the rich functionality, yet they are priced as a subscription model.  A fee is paid to access the software online instead of buying it and installing it locally. Your subscription is increased if you use more and decreased when you use fewer features.  You stop your subscription when you do not use the Business System at all.


No huge IT department is needed.  You just need a stable internet connection, and you can access your business system by phone, tablet, laptop or other devices

Don’t take our word for it… listen to our clients



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