Why Should You Consider iPlan Business Central?

We specialise in business process creation

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Our system is all Microsoft based

An Integrated Business System

When your small to medium-sized grows, your processes and ERP software needs to grow with it. Access to live business reports, live dashboards, and integrated business systems are crucial for sustainable growth. That’s why quick access to live data and various types of management reports isn’t just nice to have; it is a prerequisite to save you time, effort, and money.


Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central is an integrated business system that allows you to connect operations across your small or medium-sized business.  The cloud-based ERP system places data at your fingertips so you can draw up management reports in an instant because it is a live business report from the most recent data that’s being tracked. The live dashboard is personalised to what you need for your business and your role in the business.


iPlan has been implementing and supporting D365 and its predecessor version, Dynamics AX, for more than a decade. We run a global Helpdesk and are accredited as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner in the Americas and Africa.

 iPlan D365 Business Central – perfect for your SMB

D365 Business Central allows you to adapt as your business grows. The ERP is an integrated business system and stretches over Financial Management, Inventory Management, Project Management, Purchasing, and Sales solutions. This Cloud ERP solution allows SMBs to streamline processes for marketing, sales, service, operations, and finance because all of them are run in a single business management solution. 


You receive:

  • Increased financial visibility
  • Optimised supply chain
  • Boosted sales and improved service
  • Project delivery on time and even under budget

D365 Business Central allows you to use what you need when you need it. It is completely scalable to grow as your business does and you need to add new users to your system. You can also make better business decisions as isolated business systems are connected, data centralised, and all types of management reports can be requested and created without delay.

Frustrations solved by D365 Business Central

SMBs have many challenges they need to face and overcome. Below are only some of the frustrations that D365 Business Central can solve for you.

Communication with customers is slow

The reason for slow communication with customers can be manyfold, but often it comes down to information not being readily available. With live data, the most recent customer information can easily be accessed by a customer relations officer to answer any inquiries about orders, repairs, accounts, etc. Going on the hunt for the relevant information from all the different business departments is no longer necessary.

Projects go over budget too often

When project costing and accounting still has to be done manually and information isn’t shared immediately between all the parties involved, it becomes challenging to make decisions with financial implications and stay on budget. D365 Business Central helps you to better manage projects with real-time business intelligence on project status, profitability, and resource utilisation metrics. Customer invoicing can be tracked against planned or actual costs on orders and quotes and advanced job costing and live reporting helps you make decisions with all the pertinent information you need.


Financial closing and reporting takes ages

By month- or year-end all the data the financial team needs has to be collected, checked, imported, analysed, and reported on. This can be a tedious task that takes up days of the team’s time. D365 Business Central connects all the live data in reports, charts, and Power BI from across accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory teams to get accurate insights. You can reduce month- and year-end closing times with connected general ledger, accounts receivable, payables, and fixed assets data.   


We’ll make sure D365 Business Central is right for you

iPlan ensures that you use the ERP system that will work the best for your business and your business needs. We aren’t system salespeople; we are solution architects. We come to you so we can fully understand your business processes and aid you in the challenge of improving them. When we have the processes that will deliver the best results for your business, we determine the system that will support you to reach those goals and tailor them to your needs. If iPlan ERP Food and Beverage is the system you need, that is the one we will recommend. We also have highly qualified experts that will create these improvements with you and provide continued support. 


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