Why Fresh Produce ERP? 

Enhance your farming, pack-house and export processes – make decisions using live data

Have full batch and pallet traceability of your produce from the farm to the export container

Record all your expenses to control costs and steer your business towards success

Calculate the exact final payment to each producer exporting from your pack-house or marketing facility

Know which block is the most profitable on your farm

A Dedicated Fresh Produce ERP 

When you work in the agriculture sector and are producing fresh produce, you need your ERP software to provide several food traceability features. The ERP fresh produce fruit traceability features allow the tracking of produce from the farm to the consumer.

With the right fresh produce ERP system that provides full supply chain traceability features, you can greatly enhance your farming, pack-house and export business processes. Fresh produce ERP is enhanced to allow for agriculture traceability and caters for the specifics of fruit traceability. 

Record your expenses and control your costs to manage your business towards success as you make business decisions using live and updated data.

Track the fresh produce leaving the farm or pack-house to ensure that it reaches the exporter and ultimately the consumer at the required quality specifications.

The Food and Beverage ERP system that iPlan implements, has a wide variety of features that were developed specifically for a fresh produce ERP system; it will allow for optimal stock management, automated warehouse management, the variability of fresh produce raw materials, traceability, grower accounting, variability of supply from farms and much more. 

This Microsoft based ERP system can be used by any fresh produce business, big or small; farmer, pack-house or export agent, to streamline business processes and run a business successfully.

iPlan has been implementing fresh produce ERP systems in the agriculture sector for decades.

Food and Beverage Profile

The Food and Beverage ERP software that iPlan implements is custom-built by Aptean on the Microsoft platform to address the challenges of the fresh produce industry.

It enhances standard ERP supply chain features, such as lot traceability, stock accounting and supplier invoicing by providing tailored solutions addressing the needs of growers, packers and traders.  This ERP solution is designed to work with a fresh produce supply chain; every participant in the supply chain will derive their own benefits from the system.

Timing is of the essence in the fresh produce industry, and that is where standard ERP systems fall short.  The fresh produce features of the Aptean Food and Beverage ERP system that iPlan implements, allows you to adapt to varying circumstances, capture data quickly thus avoiding unnecessary fresh produce losses and wastage due to time wasted on data capturing.

It allows you to obtain powerful, real-time data and information in the cloud. When your data lives in the cloud, it enables you to always have the most recent information at your disposal anytime, anywhere. You can make crucial decision faster with the right strategic insights to ensure continuous improvement.

The Food and Beverage ERP system helps you to streamline processes in your agricultural business as it presents all stakeholders with one version of the truth coming from a single source. One-off notes, stacks of papers, various spreadsheets following various methods of data collection and presentation, are all a thing of the past. Your centralised data creates a hub from which your entire business can be run.



Eliminate your frustrations

Produce spoils before it reaches the end destination

The Aptean Food and Beverage ERP system that iPlan implements provides for complete traceability throughout the supply chain. This means that fresh produce can the traced according to lot, pallet number, batch number, etc. so that you always know where your fresh produce is in the process of getting to the consumer.  There are, of course, unforeseen circumstances that can lead to fresh produce spoiling, but lack of data and traceability will not be one of them.

Information gets lost between the grower, pack-house, and the exporter

Information can easily get lost when large enterprises, which include growers, pack-houses and exporters, are not using the same system that allows for centralised data sharing. The iPlan Food and Beverage experts support all stakeholders to satisfy their needs, thus ensuring that you do not need to install more than one system. Data exchange between stakeholders is then easy and automated to improve communication and transparency.

By the time your fresh produce hits the market, you have lost track of the total cost considering changes to input costs due to unpredictable of environmental factors

When climate conditions change, the crop care requirements change; you may need to adjust your fertilizer programme, change your irrigation system, etc. The cost of these changes is not static either and a lack of data and information can hamper your insight into the true cost of production. The Aptean Food and Beverage ERP system that iPlan implements, contains tools to help you to keep track of all costs so that you can make business-critical decisions with all the relevant information at your fingertips.

We will make sure the Food and Beverage ERP is right for you

iPlan ensures that you use the ERP system that will work the best for your business and your business needs. We are not salespeople; we are solutions architects. We come to you on-site, so we can fully understand your business processes and guide you in the challenge of improving them. Once we determined the processes that will deliver the best results for your business, we select the system that will support you to reach your goals. If Aptean Food and Beverage ERP is the system that meets your requirements, that is the one that we will recommend and configure to your needs.  We also have highly qualified experts that will provide you with support to enable your people to work with the system to ensure success.

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