Steering the Fresh Produce Industry Towards a Resilient Future in a Dynamic Market

The Fresh Produce industry is a fast-growing and highly competitive sector encompassing many products and different types of operating models.

Challenges in the FMCG Industry:

1. Seasonal changes in the Fresh Produce environment

This leads to fluctuations in demand and supply, which can be challenging for business owners who need to manage continuous fulfilment and predictable pricing throughout the year.

2. Fresh Produce is highly perishable

Fresh Produce requires careful handling and transportation to maintain its quality. Our clients need to tightly manage shipping schedules and must be able to track deliveries accurately.

3. Volatile pricing

Prices for Fresh Produce can be highly volatile due to factors such as weather conditions, crop yields, and global market conditions. Our clients find it difficult to plan pricing strategies and achieve maximum profitability without a solid platform to manage business processes.

4. Labour intensive

Harvesting and packing Fresh Produce is labour-intensive work, and many of our clients are struggling to find and retain skilled workers, especially during peak harvesting seasons. With our ERP solution, labour expenses can be measured, and seasonal resource needs can be easily forecasted and managed.

5. Maintaining & reporting quality standards

Maintaining and reporting quality standards for Fresh Produce is a major challenge for our clients. They need to ensure that the produce is harvested, packed, and stored properly to prevent spoilage or damage during transit. With the solutions we provide, all of this is managed without much effort or time.

6. Ensuring regulation compliance

Fresh Produce ERP solutions make it easy for our clients to comply to the numerous regulations and standards related to food safety, labelling, and packaging. ERP solutions that iPlan implements help our clients to stay up to date with these regulations and to ensure that they comply to regulations thus avoiding legal and financial penalties.

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By embracing people, processes and technology, the Fresh Produce industry can gain a competitive edge, adapt to changing consumer preferences, optimize supply chains, and improve operational efficiency. Through enhanced marketing insights, data-driven decision making, streamlined operations, and optimized supply chains, these companies can effectively address challenges, meet consumer demands, and thrive in the dynamic market landscape.