Elevate your Supply Chain Planning capability

Optimity’s best-in-class supply chain planning software finds the most profitable way to meet demand – every time, no matter how complex your operations are

Optimity offers solutions for demand planning, production planning and scheduling, distribution planning, purchase planning, inventory optimization, and sales and operations planning (S&OP). The solutions leverage mathematical optimization and machine learning technology and can work seamlessly together or independently based on your unique business requirements.

Collaborative Demand Planning

Optimity’s Demand Planning software provides everything you need to create accurate demand plans, ensuring that your supply chain performs predictably and profitably. The powerful statistical forecasting engine is complemented by easy-to-use demand collaboration and workflow tools. Uncover hidden demand patterns and quickly incorporate vital information about promotions, supply issues, and competitive intelligence into your forecast.

Production Planning

Meet demand at minimum cost with Optimity’s production planning and detailed scheduling solutions. Optimity creates a digital model of your real-world production environment, including your manufacturing rules, costs, and resource constraints. Simply engage the solver, and watch as it optimizes your planning problem in a matter of seconds. The combination of speed and flexibility allows you to simulate and compare different planning scenarios – ultimately helping you make faster and better decisions. 

Distribution Planning

Distribution is key to maximizing customer service and profits and must be optimized within the context of the overall supply chain. Optimity allows you to create distribution plans that are fully aligned with your demand, procurement, inventory, and production plans. iPlan uses Optimity software to automate and optimize your distribution planning process, considering your distribution costs and constraints such as storage, handling, and transportation.

Concurrent Supply Planning

Sequential planning tools such as MRP are too slow to deal with everyday supply chain uncertainty and disruption. Optimity offers a concurrent supply chain planning suite, with critical information instantly available to all stakeholders.

Inventory Optimization

Too much inventory ties up capital and increases the risk of obsolescence, whilst too little will put your customer service at risk. With Optimity’s Inventory Optimization solution, you can maintain optimal inventory levels while continuously improving your service levels. Optimity uses specific algorithms to dynamically calculate optimal safety stock levels, order quantities, and re-order frequencies for all your items, considering critical rules and constraints such as procurement contracts, available warehouse space, and production capacity.

Sales and Operations Planning

Successful Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) requires a seamless process, enabled by one system. Optimity’s S&OP solution provides a single source of information, with a synchronized set of profit-optimized plans that are transparent to all stakeholders. The solution contains configurable dashboards and views that cater to the unique needs of each user.

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