Scoping & Assessments

iPlan offers a comprehensive Scoping & Assessment service designed to provide organizations with a clear understanding of their current state, identify opportunities for improvement, and lay the groundwork for successful projects.

We recognize the importance of a thorough analysis and planning phase before undertaking any business system initiatives. Our expert consultants work closely with your organization to assess your needs, define project scope, and develop a roadmap for success.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

At iPlan, we conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your organization’s challenges, goals, and aspirations. Our consultants work closely with your key stakeholders, conducting interviews, gathering data, and analyzing existing processes and systems. We aim to gain a holistic view of your organization, its culture, and its unique requirements. By understanding your current state and future objectives, we can provide tailored recommendations that align with your strategic goals.

Project Scoping and Definition

Defining the scope of a project is critical to its success. Our experienced consultants collaborate with your team to clearly define project objectives, deliverables, timelines, and resource requirements. We facilitate workshops and discussions to identify key stakeholders, establish project boundaries, and define success criteria. By ensuring a shared understanding of project scope, we set the stage for effective planning and execution, minimizing the risk of scope creep risk and ensuring project goals are achieved within the defined parameters.

Risk and Feasibility Analysis

Identifying potential risks and assessing project feasibility are crucial steps in any successful initiative. Our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of potential risks, both internal and external, that may impact the project’s success. We assess resource availability, technical constraints, regulatory compliance, and market dynamics. This analysis allows us to develop mitigation strategies and provide recommendations to maximize the project’s chances of success. Additionally, we assess project feasibility, considering factors such as cost-effectiveness, technical viability, and alignment with your organization’s capabilities and strategic priorities.

Roadmap and Deliverable Definition

Our consultants develop a clear roadmap and define project deliverables based on the scoping and assessment findings. We schedule the project in manageable phases, identifying key milestones and dependencies. Our consultants work closely with your team to establish realistic timelines and resource allocation, ensuring project objectives are achieved within the desired timeframe. We provide a detailed project plan that outlines the necessary activities, resources, and responsibilities, providing transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.

Collaborative Approach and Stakeholder Engagement

At iPlan, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our consultants actively engage with your organization’s stakeholders to ensure their involvement and alignment with project goals. We facilitate open communication, workshops, and discussions to gather valuable insights and foster a sense of ownership among stakeholders. By involving key stakeholders throughout the scoping and assessment process, we build a strong foundation for successful project execution with clear expectations and shared objectives.

Partner with iPlan for Successful Projects

iPlan’s Scoping & Assessment service sets the stage for successful projects by  clearly identifying project objectives, risks, and feasibility. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we help you define project scope, mitigate risks, and develop a roadmap for success. Partner with us today and embark on a journey towards successful project execution. Contact us to learn more about how iPlan can assist your organization in scoping and assessing projects tailored to your needs.

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