Warehouse Management

We empower you by making complex business processes and advanced technology work for you in your environment with your people.

Working closely with our clients on their warehousing projects, we deliver an integrated focus on Processes, People and Technology.

We have a proven track record of projects throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru) the UK, Australia, the Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong; the whole of South Africa; and other African locations including Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and the Congo.

The iPlan differential

Process Knowledge & Experience

  • Process improvement and standardization recommendations
  • Process analysis and documentation

System Expertise

  • Approach the SYSTEM how your PEOPLE pursue the PROCESS deliverables
  • We understand systems and help make them work for YOU and YOUR people


  • Use and build tools as process & project control measures
  • Provide tools as a value-add to the client

Working with People

  • Work closely with all warehouse associates, supervisors, and site managers
  • Intensive training and handholding
iPlan Service Areas

New Site Start Up

Ignite Success with Our Comprehensive Solution for New Site Start-ups!

At the beginning of your journey, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support for your new site start-up. We specialize in process design, implementation, and documentation tailored to meet the unique needs of a new facility. With our assistance, you can streamline workflows, train your team, and receive on-the-floor support during the critical implementation phase.

Drive efficiency and set the foundation for success with our specialized expertise. Reach out to us today to embark on a seamless and prosperous new site start-up!

  • Process design and implementation
  • Process documentation (Blueprint)
  • Training documentation (Work instructions)
  • Training Associates, Supervisors and Management
  • On-the-floor handholding after Go-live

Operational Rescue and Stabilization

Are you looking to turn around a struggling warehouse operation? Here’s what we can do to make sure you experience a seamless journey to success:

  • Control & Monitoring Tools: Real-time insights at your fingertips! We build these tools on the go as you need them.
  • Process Improvement: Optimize workflows, boost productivity! Our experienced team use their knowledge of industry standards to help you develop processes which help you operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Process Documentation: We give you a clear roadmap for success. Leave no stone unturned as we provide an in-depth analysis of your operations.
  • Training Documentation: Empower your team with knowledge; we give them everything they need to know to successfully meet their targets.
  • Training of Associates: Unlock their potential, drive excellence! We work on the floor with associates to ensure successful knowledge transfer.

Warehouse Assessment and Process Improvement Projects

Unleash Warehouse Potential with Our Assessment and Enhancement Solutions!
Our team can assess your warehouse operations and provide solutions to ensure alignment with your business objectives. Let us optimize your processes, people, and technology through tailored enhancement projects.

  • Assessment of the Warehouse operation in terms of processes, people, and technology, separately and together to ensure overall alignment with business objectives.
  • The goal of the assessment is to proactively identify and correct developing situations, foresee and ‘head-off’ problems from occurring, and exploit opportunities.
  • Includes Enhancement projects.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Expertise

Looking for Warehouse Management System Expertise?

iPlan’s Warehouse Management Team has got you covered! Our team has extensive WMS experience in multiple Warehouse Management Systems, amongst the likes of Infor and Made4Net.

Wondering which WMS to implement at a new site start-up? 

  • Let us help you make the right decision for your unique operational needs.
    Planning on implementing a new WMS?
  • We can also help you Project Manage your WMS Implementation project!
Want to start your path to success by maximizing your warehouse efficiency and success? Contact us today!