As a SYSPRO South Africa and global partner, we have one of the largest dedicated SYSPRO teams in the world with a large client base in many business sectors. Experience in your sector matters.

With over 16 years of specialised SYSPRO ERP Systems experience, we offer expert SYSPRO implementations, SYSPRO customisations, SYSPRO training and SYSPRO support.

We implement and optimise SYSPRO for your business through our expert implementors with over 16 years of experience in partnering with SYSPRO.

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Perfect SYSPRO implementation for complex business management

SYSPRO is an ERP solution specializing in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. It is focused on providing all the unique functionality, an ERP for manufacturing and ERP for distribution requires. It supports complete business management solutions so you can expertly manage your data and gain the required business insights. 

SYSPRO and SYSPRO South Africa don’t just assist you with an ERP solution. SYSPRO training is also provided to ensure that as SYSPRO innovates to align with industry trends and leverages emerging technologies, SYSPRO users are also kept in the loop.  The SYSPRO training will have you using your system optimally and to the best advantage of your business process and success.  

iPlan is an Elite SYSPRO partner with one of the largest dedicated SYSPRO teams in the world and decades of experience. As Elite partners, we can support you in implementing the best models in your ERP for manufacturing or ERP for distribution that aligns with your optimized business management processes, business goals, and needs. iPlan also provides continued support and SYSPRO training even after your ERP system is implemented and running smoothly. 

An ERP as unique as your manufacturing and distribution needs it to be

The SYSPRO ERP solution’s unique features perfectly explain why it is one of the best choices for your manufacturing or distribution business:

  1. SYSPRO is industry built and delivers industry-specific functionalities for manufacturers and distributors in key industries including Automotive Parts and Accessories, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Metal Fabrication, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Packaging, Plastics and Rubber, and more. 
  2. You have the choice and flexibility to run your ERP your way and on your terms, so it meets your business management and general business needs as well as your budget. 
  3. SYSPRO Actionable Insights improves business performance and drives business behaviour by providing business-critical insights for quicker analysis, decision making, and execution. 
  4. SYSPRO enables you to digitalise your business practically and at your pace.
  5. The platform fosters an engaging user experience as it is easy to use and empowers users in their daily operations.
  6. SYSPRO is built on scalable high-performance technology, so your business experiences less downtime for maintenance, great security, and enterprise-strength data integrity.
  7. The ERP system lets you personalise your workspace without the need for programming skills.
  8. SYSPRO delivers long-term business value, ensuring the validity of your business infrastructure.  

Amongst its many awards and recognitions, SYSPRO has most recently been awarded the Gold Stevie® award in the 2021 International Business Awards® in the ERP Solution category as well as Silver for industry research study in the Technology Communications or PR Campaign of the Year category.

iPlan and SYSPRO South Africa – a winning combination

The iPlan Method

iPlan ensures that you use the ERP system that will work the best for your business and your business needs.

iPlan SYSPRO Training

iPlan provides classroom training on the SYSPRO system for all the relevant modules.

Clients Benefit

iPlan/SYSPRO clients are happy time and time again



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iPlan ensures that you use the ERP system that will work the best for your business and your business needs.

We aren’t system salespeople; we are solution architects. We come to you so we can fully understand your business processes and aid you in the challenge you to improve them. When we have the processes that will deliver the best results for your business, we determine the system that will support you to reach those goals and tailor them to your needs. If SYSPRO is the system you need, that is the one we will recommend. With decades of experience, we can honestly say that iPlan knows exactly how to best implement SYSPRO in your business to ensure that your business processes don’t just work, but that your business thrives, and it grows from strength to strength. iPlan provides continued support as and when you need it with our expert SYSPRO Support Team. We will also ensure that you are always up to date with the most relevant and recent knowledge with SYSPRO training.

iPlan provides classroom training on the SYSPRO system for all the relevant modules before it goes live in your business.

We ensure that all employees that will use the ERP system can do so optimally. Printed material is provided, and each future user is logged on to a SYSPRO session to follow on-screen in a real SYSPRO test environment. On the day of SYSPRO going live and for a month after, our trained consultants are on-site and ready to assist with the day-to-day issues that crop up and provide coaching and troubleshooting.

Clients Benefit Again and Again

iPlan/SYSPRO clients are happy time and time again as their ERP for manufacturing or ERP for distribution keeps supporting them with improved processes and business management, as well as critical business insights to make the best business decisions. 

Recently, a client embraced iPlan Consultants’ recommendations to change their long-standing, ineffective processes. The new processes are still customised to their unique requirements, but now the SYSPRO system is implemented correctly to reduce errors and streamline processes.  

iPlan also re-engineered another client’s processes where they were not working adequately. 

iPlan first undertook a Scoping exercise which indicates what is not working, what is working but not optimally, and where improvements can be made. The Scoping also provides insights into the modules required, the cost of the SYSPRO modules, the effort required to change processes or implement new ones, and the labour cost thereof. iPlan re-implemented their processes and is still supporting the client today.